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OC city LogoWith over 20 plus years of experience, our team of Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers cover: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County and other surrounding counties. We offer the strongest and most effective approaches for the most successful recoveries in Slip and Fall Accidents.

Being injured on someone else’s property may have you wondering what your legal rights are and how you can hold the property owner accountable for your injuries. You may in fact be eligible for compensation for your injuries. Property owners in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and other nearby cities are responsible for keeping their property a safe environment for other people. When a property owner fails to meet their obligation, accidents can occur, and the property owner may be held liable for injuries and damages through a liability claim.  This is why contacting California Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers like the attorneys at the Law Firm of Terry K. Davis is crucial to your case.

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The experience our Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers have accrued over 20 plus years in practice gives the lawyers at the Law Office of Terry K. Davis cutting edge approaches and tactics to slip and fall injuries just like yours.

Premise Liability Claim Types

At the Law Offices of Terry K. Davis our Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers can help you get the maximum compensation you may be eligible for. Premise liability claims may arise from an assortment of accidents that had end results with injuries. Slip and Fall Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time.

  • Slip and Fall on a property or sidewalk
  • Elevator Accidents
  • Unsafe building structures
  • Bad flooring
  • Unsafe pedestrian conditions
  • Retail negligence (slippery floors)
  • Restaurant negligence (slippery floors)

Select Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers that have proven success in over 20 years experience. Contact a personal injury lawyer that will fight for you today.

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